Benjamin Paassen
Last changed: 2019-09-02

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Welcome to this private web site. On this site, you can find links to my previous work as a researcher. In case you wish to contact me, please use my e-Mail:

GnuPG Key: 9ADE 1B31 E92C 2E78 45EE 7EAC 4E72 A1F7 EDF2 DB4A

My orcid is 0000-0002-3899-2450.

Research-wise, I am interested, among other things, in

Job Offer: Currently, I am looking for a student assistant (SHK or WHF) at Bielefeld University to perform a study for 2 hours per week over 3 months (starting November or December, depending on your availability). The study is aimed at understand how students solve programing tasks in Python when learning the language, i.e. we record student’s code over time. Your work would involve: Recruiting participants for the study, explaining the study to them and handling the consent sheet, maintaining the programming environment for the participants, ensuring data recording, ensuring anonymized data storage, and debriefing the participants. Solid English skills are required. Tutoring experience in programming courses is appreciated. You will be paid the standard rate for SHK or WHF (depending on your degree) at Bielefeld University and, if the project is successful, you will be included as co-author in the first publication using the data set.

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